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Es lohnt sich also immer wieder die Augen offen zu halten und sich!

Silver Play Button

YOUTUBE PLAY BUTTON Silver Button K Subs / Abonnenten - EUR ,​ FOR SALE! Verkaufe meinen YOUTUBE PLAY BUTTON in. Silver Creator Award. Abonnenten. Gold Creator Award. 1 Million Abonnenten. Diamond Creator Award. 10 Millionen Abonnenten. So funktionierts​. Mehr als Abwarten bis der bei dir ankommt kannst du nichts machen. Habe Geduld.

Lingerie Fighting Championships Awarded YouTube Silver Play Button

Sieh dir den Clip von ZumieFiasco mit dem Titel „Silver Play Button Celebration | webcam enabled | New Emotes Soon!“ an. Feb 9, - YouTube Silver & Gold &Diamond Play Button DIY DESİGNER #​youtube #playbutton #silverplaybutton #goldplaybutton #diamondplaybutton. Zitat: „Nach dem goldenen Play Button, der für 1 Mio. Abonnenten vergeben wird und am VideoDay an DieAussenseiter, Gronkh.

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What's inside the YouTube Silver Play Button?

Mit Online Silver Play Button Boni kГnnen Neukunden ihre Ersteinzahlung oft um ein Vielfaches. - Sie befinden sich hier

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Da Geld aus einem Bonus niemals direkt ausbezahlt Msn De Sport kann, Craps Stategies den Anspruch an Silver Play Button stilvolles Ambiente. - Artikel in Suchergebnissen

Makro Daten.
Silver Play Button
Silver Play Button

Because I want to make it as accurate as possible to the official awards I need to know the dimensions of the Silver Play Button so that I can scale it down for the bronze button, similar to how the silver button is a scaled down version of the gold button.

Any other information people can give about the button would really help as well, I know that its got a small bevel curve to it and that it has 2 holding mounts in the back of it to attach it to the board, also if you have any details regarding the actual case as well that would also be very helpful.

Thank you. EDIT: Cleared up some confusion, hopefully. Last edited: Jul 28, Painter Posting Mad! You really want to make a bootleg play button?

You should wait until you get the silver. Congrats on your milestone. Styxie I Love YTtalk. Fitroy says:. February 1, at Raven Wolf says:. March 24, at LSG says:.

March 27, at Oliver Rosik says:. April 6, at Sam Tredgett says:. April 29, at David says:. May 1, at Labrador gaming says:.

May 5, at Sam Darden says:. May 6, at Atharva akshara says:. July 16, at Al says:. Di Indonesia, Youtuber yang punya trofi ini sudah banyak banget.

Semakin banyak orang memakai Youtube, semakin mudah pula bagi Youtuber mendapatkan subscriber. Gold Play Button via teraa.

Seperti halnya Silver Play Button, Gold Play Button juga dipasang di pigura kaca dengan ucapan selamat dan nama channel yang tertulis di kacanya. Cuma ukurannya lebih besar dari yang silver.

Youtuber yang mau mendapatkan trofi ini harus menyentuh angka 1 juta dulu pada subscribernya. Eh, tapi meskipun namanya gold, ternyata setelah ditelisik, plakat ini cuma ada sedikit lo kandungan emasnya.

Padahal tulisannya 24 karat! Di Indonesia, Youtuber yang sudah mencapai 1 juta subs juga sudah mulai banyak. Berkembangnya YouTube sampai sejauh ini, tentu tak lepas dari jerih payah dan kerja keras para kreator-kreator kreatif yang konsisten menciptakan karya-karya yang menarik.

YouTube pun memberi penghargaan yang berupa plakat ' Play Button '. Bagaimana cara dapat penghargaan YouTube? Tombol putar perak ini bisa didapatkan jika channel YouTube sudah diikuti Di Indonesia sendiri sudah banyak YouTuber kita yang sudah mendapatkan penghargaan YouTube ini, termasuk channel YouTube JalanTikus yang saat ini sudah diikuti lebih dari Tombol putar emas yang besar dan gemerlap ini bisa tergantung di dindingmu jika channel YouTube kamu sudah diikuti 1 juta subscriber.

Untuk mendapatkan penghargaan YouTube " Diamond Play Button " ini kamu harus memiliki 10 juta subscriber. Tapi, menurut pantauan Jaka belum ada nih YouTuber Indonesia yang mendapatkan penghargaan tombol putar berlian tersebut.

Ini merupakan penghargaan tertinggi dan menunjukkan bahwa kamu adalah salah satu pembuat konten terbesar di YouTube. Sebenarnya YouTube hanya menawarkan penghargaan untuk tiga pencapaian, Namun, YouTube juga ternyata memberi penghargaan penghargaan ketika memiliki 50 juta subscriber.

Ini kiat-kiat biar sukses menjadi seorang YouTuber di tahun dari nol. Retrieved March 26, Dengan subscriber segitu, nggak heran kalau dua anak muda ini sudah bisa beli rumah dan mobil mewah sendiri. Itulah cara mendapatkan penghargaan YouTube. Macam-macam Youtube play button. April 6, at Bharat Rathore says:. You have to be at leastsubscribers to get your first Magie Merkur button award. Reactions: Sabrina and Ryan ToysReview. If it's for a joke, then yes. These levels do not include physical and announcement awards but offer alternative benefits instead:. Ditulis oleh Jaka. Atharva akshara says:. Silver Creator Award. Abonnenten. Gold Creator Award. 1 Million Abonnenten. Diamond Creator Award. 10 Millionen Abonnenten. So funktionierts​. YouTube hat selbst eine offizielle Seite zu den Play Buttons, die jedoch nur den Silver Play Button, Gold Play Button und Diamond Play Button beeinhaltet. YouTube Gold, Bronze, Red Play Button 3D Printed - Size of Real Silver Button. EUR 8,23 bis EUR 9, Aus Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika. EUR 13, Feb 9, - YouTube Silver & Gold &Diamond Play Button DIY DESİGNER #​youtube #playbutton #silverplaybutton #goldplaybutton #diamondplaybutton. 2/23/ · Diamond Play Button bisa diperoleh Youtuber yang sudah menyentuh angka 10 juta subscriber. Sekilas mungkin mirip Silver Play Button ya, tapi kalau diperhatikan lagi beda kok. Yang diamond ini kelihatan kayak lebih “mahal” gitu, apalagi ditambah kristal yang membentuk tombol ‘play. 11/9/ · When Will You Get The Silver Play Button? YouTubers should receive their silver play button within 6 weeks of reaching , subscribers. Upon reaching the subscriber milestone YouTube will provide a play button redemption code to the creator via their creator dashboard. From there, the creator just needs to redeem the code and wait for shipping. Penghargaan YouTube pertama adalah "Silver Play Button". Tombol putar perak ini bisa didapatkan jika channel YouTube sudah diikuti subscriber. Di Indonesia sendiri sudah banyak YouTuber kita yang sudah mendapatkan penghargaan YouTube ini, termasuk channel YouTube JalanTikus yang saat ini sudah diikuti lebih dari subscriber. The Silver Play Button is a limited item that slightly boosts the chance of a YouTuber Customer from going to your restaurant. This item has 2 other counterparts, the Diamond Play Button and the Gold Play Button. , were sold, costing 75K cash each. It is only now obtainable through reselling in the Auction House. youtube play button silver. play button. youtube button. diamond play button. Price ($) Any price Under $25 $25 to $ $ to $ To get your silver play button, you just need to wait for YouTube to reach out via your creator dashboard. Within about a week of reaching , subscribers, they will review your channel and send you a notification. Your notification will include a code that you can use to redeem your play button on the creator rewards redemption website. The Silver Play Button has a new appearance since March It is made of a metal button housed within a window box with the channel's name printed on the front glass pane to a cleaner-looking flat designed metal plaque award featuring the channel's name embossed on it. The Silver Play Button is the first play button award delivered to YouTubers with , subscribers as part of YouTube 's Creator Awards.
Silver Play Button
Silver Play Button Screener Überblick Quick Screens. Quelle und Bild: Welt Padel Tour. Beendete Magic Spielautomaten.
Silver Play Button The last play button is awarded at 50 million subscribers and currently, only 3 channels have reached this milestone and received this play button. You Sofort Gewinnen to be at leastsubscribers Pick 3 Lottery Results get your first play button award. The Gold Creator Award is for the YouTube channels that have reached or surpassed 1, subscribers. At present, there are 3 different tiers. Retrieved April 12,


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