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Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter. Die durch die Hölle gehen. Michael Cimino. GBR, USA min. V' Credits. Mit. Robert De Niro - Michael; John Cazale - Stan; John. Jagdbekleidung von Deerhunter | Hochwertige und funktionale Jagdbekleidung für Jäger, Forst und Outdoor. Der Stahlarbeiter Michael (Robert De Niro) und seine Freunde Nick (Christopher Walken) und Steven (John Savage), die sich nach Feierabend häufig mit.


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Deer Hunter
Deer Hunter Member Login Site Administration. Als virtueller Jäger mit Casino Duisburg Eintritt Lizenz zum Töten machst du dich in diesem Mobile Game auf, das verschiedenste Wild auf allen Kontinenten der Welt auszumachen und mit gezielten Schüssen aus MollyS Game Trailer reichhaltigen Arsenal niederzustrecken. Zur Kategorie Forst. Diese patentierte Membrantechnologie von Deerhunter sorgt für ein angenehmes Tragen der Jagdbekleidung, weil die Bekleidung wasserdicht und dennoch atmungsaktiv ist. Deer Hunter is a free 3d hunting game by that you can play online and for free on It’s time to go out to a field full of deers and practice your sniper skills. Your goal is to shoot a certain amount of targets. Once you shoot with your sniper rifle, the deers will start running. The Deer Hunter, American dramatic film, released in , that focused on the devastating effects of the Vietnam War on the young American men sent to fight in it. The emotionally shattering movie, cowritten and directed by Michael Cimino, won five Academy Awards, including those for best picture and best editor. scene from The Deer Hunter. From the creators of Deer Hunter comes the world’s greatest hunting experience in that targets your heart and mind: Return to the Wild. Directed by Michael Cimino. With Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, John Cazale, John Savage. An in-depth examination of the ways in which the U.S. Vietnam War impacts and disrupts the lives of people in a small industrial town in Pennsylvania. The Deer Hunter is a American epic war drama film co-written and directed by Michael Cimino about a trio of steelworkers whose lives were changed forever after fighting in the Vietnam War.
Deer Hunter Winner of five Academy Awards®, including Best Picture and Best Director, and one of AFI's Top Films of All Time, The Deer Hunter follows a group of Pennsylvania steelworkers from their blue-collar lives, hunting in the woods of the Alleghenies, to the hells of Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. Academy Award® winners Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken star in this unforgettable.

According to Deeley, he planted a friend of his in the Oscar press area behind the stage to ask Fonda if she had seen The Deer Hunter. As the Oscars drew near, the backlash against The Deer Hunter gathered strength.

When the limos pulled up to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on April 9, , they were met by demonstrators, mostly from the Los Angeles chapter of Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

The demonstrators waved placards covered with slogans that read "No Oscars for racism" and " The Deer Hunter a bloody lie" and thrust pamphlets berating Deer Hunter into long lines of limousine windows.

According to Variety , "Police and The Deer Hunter protesters clashed in a brief but bloody battle that resulted in 13 arrests.

De Niro was so anxious that he did not attend the Oscars ceremony. He asked the Academy to sit out the show backstage, but when the Academy refused, De Niro stayed home in New York.

The Deer Hunter was among the early, and most controversial, major theatrical films to be critical of the American involvement in Vietnam following when the war officially ended.

While the film opened the same year as Hal Ashby 's Coming Home , Sidney Furie 's The Boys in Company C , and Ted Post 's Go Tell the Spartans , it was the first film about Vietnam to reach a wide audience and critical acclaim, culminating in the winning of the Oscar for Best Picture.

Other films released later that illustrated the 'hellish', futile conditions of bloody Vietnam War combat included: [64].

David Thomson wrote in an article titled " The Deer Hunter : Story of a scene" that the film changed the way war-time battles were portrayed on film: "The terror and the blast of firepower changed the war film, even if it only used a revolver.

More or less before the late s, the movies had lived by a Second World War code in which battle scenes might be fierce but always rigorously controlled.

The Deer Hunter unleashed a new, raw dynamic in combat and action, paving the way for Platoon , Saving Private Ryan and Clint Eastwood 's Iwo Jima films.

In a interview with Rotten Tomatoes, actor William Fichtner retrospectively stated that he and his partner were silenced after seeing the film, stating that "the human experience was just so pointed; their journeys were so difficult, as life is sometimes.

I remember after seeing it, walking down the street — I actually went with a girl on a date and saw The Deer Hunter , and we left the theater and walked for like an hour and nobody said anything; we were just kind of stunned about that.

The deaths of approximately 25 people who died playing Russian roulette were reported as having been influenced by scenes in the movie.

In , The Deer Hunter was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

American Film Institute included the film as 79 in AFI's Years The film ranks th in the Empire magazine's list of the greatest movies of all time, [] noting:.

Cimino's bold, powerful 'Nam epic goes from blue-collar macho rituals to a fiery, South East Asian hell and back to a ragged singalong of America the Beautiful [sic].

De Niro holds it together, but Christopher Walken , Meryl Streep and John Savage are unforgettable. The New York Times placed the film on its Best Movies Ever list.

Jan Scruggs , a Vietnam veteran who became a counselor with the U. Department of Labor , thought of the idea of building a National Memorial for Viet Nam Veterans after seeing a screening of the film in March , and he established and operated the memorial fund which paid for it.

The Deer Hunter has twice been released on DVD in America. The first issue was by Universal, with no extra features and a non- anamorphic transfer, and has since been discontinued.

The set features a cinematographer's commentary by Vilmos Zsigmond, deleted and extended scenes, and production notes. The Region 2 version of The Deer Hunter , released in the UK and Japan, features a commentary track from director Michael Cimino.

The film was released on HD DVD on December 26, StudioCanal released the film on the Blu-ray format in countries other than the United States on March 11, On May 26, , Shout!

Factory released the film on Ultra HD Blu-ray featuring a new Dolby Vision transfer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Deer Hunter disambiguation. UK theatrical release poster. Barry Spikings Michael Deeley Michael Cimino John Peverall.

Robert De Niro John Cazale John Savage Meryl Streep Christopher Walken. Release date. Running time. Stanley Myers. Robert De Niro pulls the trigger in the game of Russian roulette that takes place in the Viet Cong prison scene.

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Anthologized in the collection Reverse Angle New York: The New Press. May 23, One shot is what it's all about. A deer's gotta be taken with one shot.

I try to tell people that but they don't listen" Released in , only three years after the official end of the Vietnam war, Michael Cimino's "The Deer Hunter" seemed as if it may have been too soon for the American psyche.

It was a surprising box-office hit but was also one of the most controversial, major theatrical releases about America's involvement in the war.

It went on to receive 9 Academy Award nominations winning 5 - including Best Picture and Best Director.

Despite this, the backlash was pretty vehement. It received criticism from the likes of Jane Fonda and John Wayne who in his last public appearance had to present it with it's Best Picture award even though he wasn't fond of the film.

These criticisms came in many forms but for as many critics as it's had, there were also a great number who considered it to be another American classic.

Michael Robert DeNiro , Stevie John Savage and Nick Christopher Walken are among a group of friends who live and work in the steel mill town of Clairton, Pennsylvania.

They spend their time getting drunk and going deer hunting before they are enlisted in the airborne infantry of Vietnam. What was once a slow-paced and fun-filled life is shoved into the stark reality of warfare and how their experiences change their lives forever.

Clocking in at just over three hours, "The Deer Hunter" is a film of length. However, it's one that never overstays it's welcome as Cimino wisely works within a three act structure - book-ending the war with marriage and death.

He may take his time and linger long on shots but it never gets boring. To view it as simply another Vietnam film is to entirely miss the point also.

If it is to be viewed in any way, it should be as a commentary on American disillusionment and it's loss of innocence at this time. It's intention is not focus on the war itself but on the aftermath and the impact war can have on the lives of ordinary working people.

In fact, the scenes that take place in Vietnam only amount to a very small portion of the film, overall. Ultimately, it's a character study that's only heightened by the 50 minute wedding sequence at the beginning of the film.

Many grumble about this being too indulgent but it's integral that we get to know these characters in order to fully understand them.

It's during the wedding reception that they come across a Green Beret who has just finished his Tour of Duty; they buy him a drink and take offence when all he has to tell them about the war is This perfectly sums up the naivete of these young men as they seem to have a romanticised idea of war and have absolutely no idea of what is to become them.

Following this, a bunch of them go on a deer hunting trip where we again see the dynamic of the group and get to know each of them more personally.

Suddenly, we are then thrust into the chaos of Vietnam and it's not before long that the films iconic and controversial Russian roulette scene takes place.

This is a scene that has received much criticism in not only being claimed as inaccurate - as there was no evidence to suggest that any such atrocities took place during the conflict - but for being racist in it's sadistic stereotype of the Viet Cong captors.

These criticisms are justifiable to an extent but, personally, I think the critics have taken it far too literally.

If viewed as a metaphor for the senselessness of war and the inhumanity of man during wartime struggles then it's entirety fitting to the films themes and says more about an initiation into manhood.

It was literally minutes before this powerful scene that DeNiro's Michael and Walken's Nick were discussing how a deer should be killed with "one shot" and now ironically they must face a similar fate.

This game of chance is the catalyst that changes the dynamic of the three principle characters the other being John Savage's Stevie and further adds to the character development that was so playfully and innocently displayed in the opening wedding sequence or the camaraderie of the deer hunt.

It's purpose is not to be racist but to capture the extreme pressure that soldiers face in conflict. In the film's final act, some of them return home only to realise that they're traumatised as they struggle to fit back into society.

There have been claims that it doesn't take an overly pro or anti stance towards the conflict but I struggle to see how. This was one was of the first films to challenge the perspective on Vietnam.

The likes of "Platoon" and "Full Metal Jacket" were praised for such honesty and I believe this deserves the same credibility.

It's unlikely that Cimino will be able to deliver a work of this magnitude ever again. He tried and failed in with "Heaven's Gate" bankrupting United Artists Studio in the process but his scope and ambition here deserves the utmost respect.

So too does the work of cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond for his astounding ability to capture both the expansive landscapes of Pennsylvania and the war ravaged mountainous villages of Vietnam.

The actors are also very strong and committed throughout. This would be the last performance of the great John Cazale - before his untimely death to cancer - and the first notable one from Meryl Streep, who brings a touching vulnerability to her supporting role.

Walken who won a Supporting Actor Oscar is a marvel and deservedly made a name for himself in the process.

As good as they are, though, it's DeNiro who anchors the film in a enigmatic display of stoicism. Another deserved Oscar nomination came his way and even though this is a film that many omit from DeNiro's plethora of magnificent performances throughout the 70's and 80's, it happens to be one of his strongest and most unsung.

DeNiro apparently described his role as one of the most physical and exhausting that he's ever done, and it's easy to see why.

Every emotional, physical and mental abuse that he seems to be suffering is perfectly and gruellingly displayed onscreen.

The 's are well known for producing some of the finest experiences in cinema and "The Deer Hunter" can, proudly, consider itself one of one them.

It's marvellously structured, harrowingly vivid and so grand and ambitious that it thoroughly deserves it's epic status. Truly one of the best of it's decade.

Mark Walker. Mark W Super Reviewer. Jul 25, One of the early Vietnam films for canon, it sets the stage for genuine investigations into the lives of soldiers who served and their uncomfortable return home.

John B Super Reviewer. Aug 17, A depressing work of fiction that is not as fiction as you may think. The Deer Hunter starting one of my favorite actors Robert DeNiro touches on disturbing and violent topics that need to be touched on.

This film basically shows the nature of man. The harsh of war. In a way it could be anti war but it's mostly anti human nature.

I went into this knowing it was a war film. But the first part of the film dragged on a bit too much. But the wedding scenes where necessary.

It was meant to show us how lucky we are living in America. The purpose of the theme was to show us we need to be graceful to be living in such a great country.

That's where the ending comes in play, when they where singing "God Bless America". There was a minor theme expressed in this film that I did not like.

That is the theme of "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me". Fox Simulator. Hippo Hunting. Animal Safari Hunting.

Dog Simulator 3D. Crazy Goat Hunter. Dinosaur Hunter. Deer Hunter Forest Hunter. Dinosaur Sniper. Deer Hunter 3D. Siren Head: The Hunt Continues.

Hunter and Props. Archery World Cup. We don't know why some of us come back and others do not. War is a gamble. This film deeply touched my soul.

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Die drei Freunde Michael, Nick und Steven führen ein glückliches Leben, bis sie sich freiwillig für den Vietnamkrieg melden. Erst in Kriegsgefangenschaft treffen sie sich wieder und müssen in einem grausamen Spiel gegeneinander antreten. In einer. Die durch die Hölle gehen (Originaltitel: The Deer Hunter) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Spielfilm des Regisseurs Michael Cimino aus dem Jahr Das drei. Deer Hunter steht für: The Deer Hunter, Originaltitel des Films Die durch die Hölle gehen (USA, ); Deer Hunter (Spieleserie), Computerspieleserie (seit. Jagdbekleidung für Damen und Herren von Deerhunter ✅ Strapazierfähige Funktionsbekleidung mit guter Bewegungsfreiheit für Jäger. Anthologized in the collection Reverse Angle New TV Tonight No Score Haus Spiele Kostenlos Who Wants to Be a Millionaire No Score Yet Chicago Med No Score Yet Chicago Fire No Score Yet The Masked Dancer No Score Yet Chicago P. Because Deeley was busy overseeing in the production of Sam Peckinpah 's Convoyhe Hotel At Crown Casino Melbourne John Peverall to oversee Lotteries In Australia shoot. Retrieved December 7, All the themes all the characters are mixed together so well that it works. Vietnam War impacts and disrupts the lives Elements Casino Surrey Buffet people in a small industrial town in Deer Hunter. It is a brilliant symbol because, in the context of this story, it makes any ideological statement about the Smartphone Zum Spielen superfluous. Best Supporting Actor, Christopher Walken. There have been claims that it doesn't take an overly pro or anti stance towards the conflict Deer Hunter I struggle to see how. Three friends in Pennsylvania — Mike Vronsky, Steven Pushkov and Nick Chevotarevich — work in a steel mill and Goodwood Odds for Isle Of Sky Brettspiel. During a game of Russian roulette, Mike evokes memories of their hunting trips. The trick would be to find a way to turn a very clever piece of writing into a practical, realizable film. Your goal is to shoot a certain amount of targets.

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Deer Hunter He meets Linda the next morning and learns that Nick has deserted. West Virginia Vuetech of Culture and History. These criticisms came in many forms but for as many critics as it's had, there were also a great number who considered it to be another American classic. The film received acclaim from critics and Einfache Kartenspiele FГјr 2, with praise for Cimino's direction, the performances of its cast particularly from De Niro, Walken, and Streepand its screenplay, realistic themes and tones, and cinematography.


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